Thor Ragnarok: Review: WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!

I finally saw Thor Ragnarok the other night and I can say that it is the best solo Thor film that was ever done. If you haven’t seen the film yet I suggest… Continue reading

Thoughts to the film Arrival (2016)

Wow it’s been years since I last made an entry to this page. Crazy! Years, literally! Anyway, last night I finally decided to watch Arrival which was recommended by a friend. Quick background… Continue reading

WATCH: ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Past and Present Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Where is Ned Stark??

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Compilation

What is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? So, you may have all seen regular and famous people dumping a bucket full of ice over their heads and challenging other celebrities, politicians, athletes to… Continue reading

Guardians of The Galaxy – Movie Thoughts (Spoiler Alert)

Last night, I went to see Guardians of The Galaxy with high expectations. And boy I did not get disappointed. The reviews were pretty much right. The pacing of the movie was great… Continue reading

Analytics Art: NBA Finals MVPs

Originally posted on | Hang Time Blog:
By Andrew Bergmann @dubly, for After a stellar performance in the 2014 NBA playoffs, Kawhi Leonard joins the elite group of Finals MVPs. Here’s a…

Yes, That Game of Thrones Exploding Head Thing Could Really Happen (Probably)

Originally posted on TIME:
This post contains spoilers for the episode of Game of Thrones “The Mountain and the Viper,” which aired June 1, 2014. “Heads will roll” is one thing. “Heads will…

X-Men Days of Future Past – Yays and Nays plus .. SPOILERS!!!

One of the most awaited summer blockbuster movies has already hit the cinemas this weekend, X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film did not disappoint and surely has satisfied a lot of fans… Continue reading

Stay – Rihanna (Cover by a Soldier)

I first saw this video in a Facebook page. The title says, Insane voice singing Stay by Rihanna. I actually was not familiar with the song, but I still pressed play as the… Continue reading

Passenger – Let Her Go

I first heard this song while watching Budweiser’s “Superbowl” Commercial. It was actually a well done TVC and I actually liked the song. The singer’s voice is very distinct and unique. I said… Continue reading