One of the most popular break-up songs from the 90’s is Sukiyaki, which was sung by 4PM. The song is  filled with emotions, from a lover who contemplates about losing the love of his life and how he wants her back.

Almost anyone who had a failed relationship and experienced a break-up can  relate on this song. I personally love this song. And for some reasons even though I have lost the love of my life several years back, somehow, there is still a part of me that misses her and wants to have her back. My most favorite lines in the song is this:

“If only you were here
You wash away my tears
The sun would shine
And once again you’ll be me mine, oh, mine”

This just makes me reminisce of all the good memories which we shared. It makes me feel melancholic and nostalgic. Just a bitter-sweet memory, makes you smile and just look back. But just like in the end of the song, I have to face the reality that she is gone and that she will never come back.

“But in reality
You and I will never be
‘Cause you took your love away from me”

I have also learned that the song was originally sung by a Japanese artist, which explains the Japanese title. It was originally performed by Kyu Sakamoto. What is interesting about this single is that, it is the only song entirely in Japanese, which topped the US Billboard for three weeks on 1963.


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