Wing Gundam Zero

Wing Gundam Zero, one of the most recognizable Gundam from the Gundam Wing franchise, aside from the famous Wing Zero Custom (famously known for his angel like wings).

After years of looking and really looking for a 1/100 scale version, I was able to find and buy one last week! It would have been better though if I was able to find a Master Grade edition, but the High Grade edition has proven to be a good kit too.

Here are some of its pics holding the twin buster gun rifle. (All photos are taken using an iPod touch 4g which is why the picture quality is kinda mediocre).






I really like how they were able to emphasize more on the details of the Wing Gundam Zero’s parts and armaments.

First off, the close-able air duct looks really good since it reveals the gold plating exhaust near the cock pit. Second, the shoulder vernier which is also close-able, gives it an edgy look. It happens to also reveal the mini booster and the white plating where the Gundam usually draws its beam saber. They have also added the two mini Gatling-guns near his head.

All of these added armaments/parts are not available in the smaller 1/144 scale model of this Gundam, so it was a really nice addition for this 1/100 High Grade model.

Here are some of its pics while holding the beam saber




Lastly, the ever famous neo-bird mode of the Wing Gundam Zero.




It is always awesome when a Gundam can morph into another form, which in this case is the neo-bird mode. The way that you can split the twin buster rifle and put it to the shield and make it spread its wings is just an eyegasmic sight.

What’s good with this is that the details on the neo-bird mode was not just captured on the front portion of the Gundam, but also in the back end. See pic below.


As you can see, they ensured that its legs are transformable into the booster mode, which is just exactly the same as what we can see in the Anime series episodes.

With all the superior details that they were able to capture in this model, I can say that this 1/100 HG scale version of Wing Gundam Zero has been a good buy too.



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