Silver Linings Playbook – Review

This has got to be one of the best, if not the best, romantic comedy-drama films out there. I got to give props for Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper for their acting. Man, Bradley Cooper nailed it. At first, I find it hard to imagine him doing such role  after seeing him in “The Hangover”, but boy he did show he can act. Same for Jennifer Lawrence, this gave her a really good break, acting wise. The Hunger Games was good for her, but this film, sky rocketed her career. Now I know why she won Best Actress. I think the movie wouldn’t be this successful if another actress played this role. She did it with perfection and she did it convincingly. Was I able to say that she is really hot too! This lady is really on fire. Also, I wasn’t expecting to see Chris Tucker in the cast. My first reaction on seeing him in a scene was, “what is he doing here?”.  Maybe I am  just not used to see him acting and not delivering comedic lines. Needless to say there was a point in the movie where he did his usual funny stuff. And I got to say that it was nice, it was not forced  and was just placed at the perfect time.

I was expecting more of the romantic-comedy early on the movie, but I was wrong.  Apparently, the first part was really serious, and it was effective, as it was able to tell  the audience why “Pat” ended up in his current situation. It also gave them a feel on how he is really in a messed up situation. The insertion of comedic scenes every once in a while was also brilliant. The movie was well done as there is no dull, boring or dragging moment. The mixture of romance, comedy and drama was perfect. Not too much of everything. Honestly, I was not expecting that this is a feel good movie, after going through halfway with the seriousness of the first half of the film. The climax was a mixture of everything. It makes the audience experience mixed emotions (nervous, sad, anxious and happy),starting from the time they arrived at the ball up to the scene where Pat chased Tiffany. Which is one of the best parts of the film, in my opinion. It was also nice seeing Pat get his happy ending and his life and his family back in order.

Moral of the film: Sometimes, you have to do crazy stuff for a person to realize how much you really love them. This also goes for “normal” people and not just for bipolar ones! One more, EXCELSIOR!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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