Godzilla Trailer (2014)

Anyone would absolutely be excited to watch this Godzilla remake after seeing this trailer. It comes out on Summer of 2014 and will surely be one of the movies that I will watch on the big screen.

Though I did not quite get the sense of men having to be air dropped / jump out of the plane and then went straight to the mother of all Kaijus, Godzilla. This looks cool, I do hope it is better than the 1st Godzilla. I still remember watching that over and over in a VHS! Ugh, feeling really old right now.

Anyway, I still feel that the movie is still gonna be like the first one. Where Godzilla is a monster who wrecks havoc in a city. Unlike the Japanese Godzilla where he helps save people by killing other big monsters too. But who knows? Future trailers may answer my questions.

I do admit, a Pacific Rim crossover came to my mind when I watched this. Anyway, we all just have to wait for the next trailer and see if this is really the next big monster (literally) blockbuster movie. I’m out. Peace out!