Passenger – Let Her Go

I first heard this song while watching Budweiser’s “Superbowl” Commercial. It was actually a well done TVC and I actually liked the song. The singer’s voice is very distinct and unique. I said to myself that I should download that song and add it in my iPod.

But I have already forgotten about it, and was only able to remember it when I heard this song from a friend’s playlist. I was able to ask what’s the title of the song and who is the artist behind that awesome voice. I was surprised that this was already a 2 year song having been released last 2012. I thought it was something new. Oh well, I am not really updated on new songs, except for the ones which I can hear from my sister and friends playlist.

The song is really good and catchy, I only need to hear it once to love it. The lyrics are simple, yet powerful. Anyway, if you wanna hear him then go and click play. And also, for those of y’all who wanna see the Bud commercial here is the link:

Enjoy! Peace, I’m out!


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