Guardians of The Galaxy – Movie Thoughts (Spoiler Alert)


Last night, I went to see Guardians of The Galaxy with high expectations. And boy I did not get disappointed. The reviews were pretty much right. The pacing of the movie was great and the mix of actions with humor is just perfect. They did a good job of mixing this as there were no moments in the film which is serious or too dull. You wouldn’t even notice that it was two hours long.

Chris Pratt had a great performance. I can definitely say that he is the perfect guy to play Starlord, just Like Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark. It just came natural to him and it looks like he didn’t have a hard time playing the role. I did not expect Vin Diesel to just have one liners. I thought he can speak more than “I am Groot”, but it kinda reminds me of Hodor from Game of Thrones. Even with a a redundant line, Groot’s character was funny. Especially his dance during the end of the film. He did not speak a lot, but his character is warm-hearted. The one thing I was surprised about was with Batista’s character, Drax. I think a few expected him to pull off those serious lines and make the scene hilarious. I thought he is just going to be all brawn and his main highlights was just to kick-ass, but I was wrong. Bradley Cooper’s Rocket was also a good fit, he did voice him well. Rocket’s character, the smartest of them all, is just pure genius a-la Tony Stark. That prison escape scene was just funny and clever. As for Zoe, well she did a great job with Gamora. I was looking forward with her duel with Nebula, but I think it was a bit short. I kinda liked how Gamora and Starlord had that mushy moment. It was just the right of mushy and not over indulgent. It was not a surprise though as Starlord likes making out with hot aliens. That actually gave me flashes of Captain Kirk in JJ Abrams “Star Trek”.

I was actually ecstatic when I saw Thanos. I wanted him to fight Ronan when they were talking about Gamora, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Seeing him though made me happy. As for Ronan, I think, his fight with the Guardians was short of explosions and time. I wanted it to be longer and actually expected it to be more epic. I wanted him to be more bad-ass wielding that hammer embedded with the infinity stone. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen which gave me that lacking feel for the ending fight.
But all in all the film was good and enjoyable. Would definitely watch it again. The only thing I was really disappointed with in this film was the end credits. Insignificant and pointless, a-la Iron Man 3. Seriously, Howard The Duck? I know he is under Marvel, but who cares about that duck? I seriously thought of the Aether after The Collector’s assistant blew up his collection. They could have given us an update on that with the end credit scene but instead they went with Howard. Even with that disappointing waste of time end credit scene, I will still give it a perfect 5 of 5.

I like the direction that Marvel is heading on. Now that last movie from Phase 2 or Marvel was already shown, it is clear that they are heading to one big build up. With the infinity gems and Thanos it is rather obvious that they are actually going with the Infinity Saga. Guardians of the Galaxy is necessary for this Phase 2 as this was the movie that introduces the audience to the Marvel Universe. During the past Marvel films, all happenings are either on Earth and or Asgard and within the Nine Realms. With Guardians, they were able to show the other far away galaxies like Nova and Kree.
As for next year, we have to see the Avengers battle Ultron, but will eventually see pieces having for the build up of infinity saga. I still can’t think how Marvel can stitch it all up but I have faith in them with Joss Whedon leading the way. Now looking forward for next year. Peace, I’m out.


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