How I learned to focus on a specific topic when writing.


Many times, I have had thoughts that I would like to write down and publish. But for the life of me, it seems that these ideas are just floating around my head. Inconceivable. Disorganized. Uncharted. It’s as if I am having a hard time grasping them all and putting them it into a clearer perspective. Like billions of stars scattered all over my head.

These thoughts somehow appear out of nowhere. At times these realizations happen over a song that I heard or a certain video that I watched. Sometimes, it even comes to me late at night when I am laying in bed while trying to get a sleep. There are instances wherein I scribble these thoughts into notes, in the hopes that I can continue working on it on the next day. Sometimes I tweet about it. Post it as a Facebook status. But most of the time, I feel that these thoughts have more to it and I just can’t paint the whole picture, just yet.

And then I finally realized, these thoughts are actually all there is. I don’t need to worry on not expanding too much on it. I don’t need to feel like I can’t fully embrace them, because they are already there. What I recognized is that I just need to focus more on that specific idea and concentrate on it.

I am very guilty of drafting several articles that talk about a specific topic and end up writing a lot of sub topics in the process. I realized that when instances like this happens, I should take time to jot down these other thoughts/”sub plots” and put them into my drafts. This way, I can continue to work on my main article and also have the time to continue on the other materials at a later time.

I am also guilty of trying to have my work polished and perfect that I end up not publishing it since I feel like it is not enough. I think this is more on my perfectionist side. I end up re-editing and rewording everything whenever I do the “one last check”. Sometimes, I feel like I have not written enough or I may have missed several points to discuss.

But that was my mistake. Articles that talk about a specific topic just needs to focus on that specific topic or a certain point on that topic. Most of the time this thing that you want to talk about can cover a wide range of perspective. You don’t need to cover everything on that topic. Just focus on what you want to discuss and work on it. You are not required to cover everything.

Well for one it is time consuming, two the topic can be so broad that if you end up writing everything about it, the reader might miss the point that you want to make. Three it may end up too long and sometimes articles like that is just exasperating to read, as they say TLDR. What is important is that you let your reader understand what you are talking about and why you are talking about it.

At least for me, this serves to be true as I have read tons of articles and blogs. And the entries that I enjoy reading the most is the one that is concise, doesn’t use complex words, and drives his/her point straight home. I know I am new to this writing thing, but at least based on my observations and experience these are the ones that usually works.


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