Thor Ragnarok: Review: WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!

I finally saw Thor Ragnarok the other night and I can say that it is the best solo Thor film that was ever done. If you haven’t seen the film yet I suggest that you turn back as this post contains a lot of spoilers for the film. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Okay, first off the tone of the film is light and funny. Just like the tone of the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. This is way better than the two previous Thor films. To be honest, the first one was the least I like as it is very stiff. It was like an obligatory film to introduce Thor to the MCU. It didn’t suck but it was not that bad. The second one, was way more interesting with the introduction of the Infinity Stone in Aether and it has some humor in it. But this third one, I didn’t expect they can pull it off. You have to give props to Director Taika Waititi.

Who knew Chris Hemsworth could be this funny? I mean we already know that he is funny based on some scenes on older MCU movies. But in this one he was given the liberty by Taika to just be Chris Hemsworth. I’ve even read in some interviews that most of the scenes in the film were improvised / ad lib. It was actually good and it worked well. Seeing Thor, Loki and even some characters like the Grandmaster and Korg deliver those funny lines was just awesome. The humor in the film was enough, not forced and not all over the place. It was the perfect amount.

I mean, even Hulk was funny and that was pure genius. In the previous MCU movies, Hulk is mostly used for tearing down walls, kicking ass and wrecking stuff. But on this one I am glad they were able to showcase more the character of Hulk, not Bruce Banner but Hulk. We all know that though they are one and the same, Hulk has a different personality from Bruce Banner. In the film, it was revealed that Hulk has been Hulk and has not transformed to Bruce Banner since Age of Ultron. The scenes with Thor and Hulk talking, those are the funny ones especially the Hulk tantrum. Acting like he was a kid, man that was hilarious as hell

Korg is also funny. He is a new minor that was introduced in the film. He is a Kronan warrior who was also a slave by the Grandmaster that fights in the pits. He is a big guy with a funny accent and his scenes with Thor was hilarious. Also, I did find out that his character was played and voiced none other than Director Taika himself. I believe his addition was perfect and Taika did a good job with him and his one liners did work.

Anyway, in terms of the story telling it was fast paced. The combination of humor, speaking scenes and fighting scenes were balanced. You will barely notice that the film is at least 2 hours long.

The fight scenes were actually very good. Especially the Thor vs Hulk arena scene. Man I was so glad they did that. This is the first time that we were able to see him unleash his true potential, his god like powers. In the previous Avengers films he was kinda tamed down. But for this one they were able to showcase how strong Thor is. In terms of power levels Thor is basically the strongest Avenger followed closely by Hulk. I can say by far, that it was the best Avenger vs Avenger fight. Prior to this, the best one in my opinion was Hulk vs Iron Man with Hulkbuster suit in Avengers Age of Ultron. 

For the new characters I was actually happy that they were able to introduce bad ass female charcters in Cate Blanchett as Hela and Tessa Thompson as the Valkyrie.

Hela is just a ruthless character in the comics and the role was portrayed by Cate fucking Blanchett, I mean she is a very talented actress. And she nails the character perfectly. Oh and did I tell you that she is gorgeous as fuck with that dark eye liner emo look. Just look at her:

Amazing right? I loved all of her scenes especially the one where she fought the Asgardian warriors. Just pure bad ass! Although I hope they find a way to bring her back in the future as Hela is a good villain to just write off and be used in one film. It seems that she died in Ragnarok. But we might know in the future films of her status.

As for Tessa Thompson playing The Valkyrie, she had a very good dynamic with Thor’s character. Her unwillingly dismissing him knowing who he was because of her past, to her finally helping Thor is great character development. Her character was well written. Unlike the previous female companions of Thor, Jane and Sif, Valkyrie’s character seems to worked better than the previous two. No offense to Jamie Alexander I love her, but Valkyrie’s character was just better. Sif’s character also suffered as she was just written to be a background and support to Thor just like Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral. At least with Valkyrie they had a better relationship and they both kicked ass. I’m pretty sure they will be bringing her character back.

Jeff Goldblum’s character Grandmaster was also introduced in this film. If I am not mistaken, he is the third elder presented in the movies. Taneleer Tivan aka The Collector was the first and Ego the living planet was the second one. Grandmaster’s character is also hilarious. And I love Jeff Goldblum. We know he is still alive and will likely appear to future MCU films.

Thor Ragnarok’s events is a good build up for the Infinity War saga. It also gave us an idea that despite leaving Midgard aka Earth after the events of Age of Ultron, Thor was not able to find any infinity stone. The ending credits was a bit ominous or rather simply mysterious. I wish it was the Guardians of The Galaxy or it can be Thanos. We will never know.

All in all the movie is solid. Giving it a perfect 5. I loved how they were able to finally make a good Thor movie. If ever they will do another solo Thor film, they should get Taika again. This is how Thor should be, fun and kicks ass. Loved how they used Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song throughout the whole film. I am bummed they were not able to put at least Judas Priest’s Halls of Valhalla in this. I mean that song can perfectly work too especially the lyrics. Haven’t heard of it? Then check the link below. Anyway, peace am out!


Thoughts to the film Arrival (2016)

Wow it’s been years since I last made an entry to this page. Crazy! Years, literally! Anyway, last night I finally decided to watch Arrival which was recommended by a friend.

Quick background about the film: Arrival is a Sci-Fi / Mystery film set in modern day earth which features linguist Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams). One day, 12 unidentified extraterrestrial spacecraft suddenly appeared on several locations around the globe. Due to her expertise and previous help to the military on insurgents, Dr. Banks was recruited by Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) to decipher the language of the aliens. She teams up with astrophysicist Dr. Ian Donelly (Jeremy Renner) to further understand the aliens purpose on their visit.

The opening scene sets a serious and somber tone as it shows the audience the tragedy that Dr. Banks went through. I wasn’t actually expecting the film to incorporate a lot of “drama” in it since this is a sc-fi film. However, they have done so brilliantly. The combination of drama with mystery and sci-fi has worked perfectly for the film.

Unlike other alien films, this is not filled with action scenes and sequences like The War of The Worlds and Independence Day. Instead it was more grounded and was done like Close Encounter of the Third Kind.

As for the sci-fi part what I liked it is the way they presented it to the audience. It wasn’t too nerdy like in Interstellar in which they heavily discussed theoretical astrophysics like the special theory of relativity and how it massively affects the story. Here, they didn’t go on that territory but instead explained it in a simplified form. Especially on the way how they figured to communicate with the aliens. The explanation presented was logical and believable and not too ambitious.

The film has banked more on the drama aspect surrounding Dr. Banks and what made her special in a way. It also worked that they made you believe that the narrative was shown in a chronological order when in fact it wasn’t. The thing I liked about this is the further the film goes, the mystery grows and it wasn’t until the ending part when you realize that the film was presented in a non-linear way. Which I find absolutely entertaining and well thought of. I find the story telling consistent and the resolution of conflicts/problems satisfactory. It wasn’t that satisfying but it was believable enough.

The only thing I may have disliked about this is the ending. It is bitter sweet. I just got emotionally invested with Dr. Banks’character and the way that it ended for her is way too sad.

When she asked Ian “if you can see the future would you change them?”. That was the point when she chose to be with him and have her daughter. Yet she accepted the fact that she will lose them both of them in the future anyway. Man that was way too heartbreaking. In a way, it made me like her character more. The choices she made despite knowing the consequences and seeing the future, that is courageous and brave.

All in all I enjoyed this movie. I just didn’t expected it to be emotionally draining. But I still enjoyed it. Amy Adams gave a very good performance. Giving it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Peace, I’m out!

Guardians of The Galaxy – Movie Thoughts (Spoiler Alert)


Last night, I went to see Guardians of The Galaxy with high expectations. And boy I did not get disappointed. The reviews were pretty much right. The pacing of the movie was great and the mix of actions with humor is just perfect. They did a good job of mixing this as there were no moments in the film which is serious or too dull. You wouldn’t even notice that it was two hours long.

Chris Pratt had a great performance. I can definitely say that he is the perfect guy to play Starlord, just Like Robert Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark. It just came natural to him and it looks like he didn’t have a hard time playing the role. I did not expect Vin Diesel to just have one liners. I thought he can speak more than “I am Groot”, but it kinda reminds me of Hodor from Game of Thrones. Even with a a redundant line, Groot’s character was funny. Especially his dance during the end of the film. He did not speak a lot, but his character is warm-hearted. The one thing I was surprised about was with Batista’s character, Drax. I think a few expected him to pull off those serious lines and make the scene hilarious. I thought he is just going to be all brawn and his main highlights was just to kick-ass, but I was wrong. Bradley Cooper’s Rocket was also a good fit, he did voice him well. Rocket’s character, the smartest of them all, is just pure genius a-la Tony Stark. That prison escape scene was just funny and clever. As for Zoe, well she did a great job with Gamora. I was looking forward with her duel with Nebula, but I think it was a bit short. I kinda liked how Gamora and Starlord had that mushy moment. It was just the right of mushy and not over indulgent. It was not a surprise though as Starlord likes making out with hot aliens. That actually gave me flashes of Captain Kirk in JJ Abrams “Star Trek”.

I was actually ecstatic when I saw Thanos. I wanted him to fight Ronan when they were talking about Gamora, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Seeing him though made me happy. As for Ronan, I think, his fight with the Guardians was short of explosions and time. I wanted it to be longer and actually expected it to be more epic. I wanted him to be more bad-ass wielding that hammer embedded with the infinity stone. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen which gave me that lacking feel for the ending fight.
But all in all the film was good and enjoyable. Would definitely watch it again. The only thing I was really disappointed with in this film was the end credits. Insignificant and pointless, a-la Iron Man 3. Seriously, Howard The Duck? I know he is under Marvel, but who cares about that duck? I seriously thought of the Aether after The Collector’s assistant blew up his collection. They could have given us an update on that with the end credit scene but instead they went with Howard. Even with that disappointing waste of time end credit scene, I will still give it a perfect 5 of 5.

I like the direction that Marvel is heading on. Now that last movie from Phase 2 or Marvel was already shown, it is clear that they are heading to one big build up. With the infinity gems and Thanos it is rather obvious that they are actually going with the Infinity Saga. Guardians of the Galaxy is necessary for this Phase 2 as this was the movie that introduces the audience to the Marvel Universe. During the past Marvel films, all happenings are either on Earth and or Asgard and within the Nine Realms. With Guardians, they were able to show the other far away galaxies like Nova and Kree.
As for next year, we have to see the Avengers battle Ultron, but will eventually see pieces having for the build up of infinity saga. I still can’t think how Marvel can stitch it all up but I have faith in them with Joss Whedon leading the way. Now looking forward for next year. Peace, I’m out.

X-Men Days of Future Past – Yays and Nays plus .. SPOILERS!!!

X-Men Days of Future Past - Yays and Nays plus .. SPOILERS!!!

One of the most awaited summer blockbuster movies has already hit the cinemas this weekend, X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film did not disappoint and surely has satisfied a lot of fans and comic book geeks. The happenings / timeline in this movie are taken straight from the comics: Days of Future Past Saga. Though there are some differences from the film to the comic books: for obvious reasons.

What I liked about the movie:

1. Fast paced. The Movie is 2 hours long but the film is fast paced that you wouldn’t notice it was.

2. Thank the gods for bringing back Brian Singer. This awesome dude directed the first two Xmen movies. The third one X3: The Last Stand. That horrible, ridiculous, Frankenstein piece of shit movie was not his.

3. Peter Dinklage. He plays Tyrion Lannister, wait I mean Bollivar Trask. Though in the comics Trask was not really dwarf-ish, Dinklage still managed to get the role. Though his character’s screen time was minimal, I still loved seeing that little big guy in the big screen. I also loved on how he tries to mock the congress with, if this weapons are not built then the Vietnam War will not be the only war you will lose.

4. Quicksilver! Yeah, that fast mutant who moves at supersonic speed is awesome. Their prison break scene has got to be one of the best scenes in the film. And Evan Peters seems to be the perfect actor to play him. Let’s give chance to Aaron Taylor Johnson though for his chance to portray Quicksilver in Avengers 2.

5. Quasi “Dual” Climaxes. They did a good job of having both timelines reach the climax. It was made in a way that is not confusing and the drama it created and suspense was just effective.

6. Seeing “old” mutants (Magneto, Professor X, Shadow Cat, Iceman, Colossus) from the previous X-Men films prior to X-Men First Class. It was fun seeing these mutants again. Especially Charles and Erik, this time they fight against a common foe as brothers who are helping each other for the survival of their own kind.

7. New Mutants. It was cool to see new the new mutants from the future timeline. I would love to see more of Blink though. She has such a cool power and indeed a very pretty actress. I just learned that this film is one of the 5 X-Men movie contracts she signed to with Fox. Guess we would be seeing her again in the upcoming films.

8. Fixing the Timeline from X3. This actually made me so happy. So what specific fixes are we talking about? Jean Grey and Cyclops, need I say more. Yes they are both alive thanks to Wolverine! It was actually good for the franchise as this allow them to use these characters again in future sequels.

9. Magneto. Michael Fassbender’s portrayal of Magneto is just astounding. Not to take anything away from Ian McKellen, but his portrayal of Magneto is just as good. In the previous films, he was able to portray Magneto as being the Ultimate Villain who will kill anyone who gets in their way. Ian McKellen’s version of Magneto has perished all the compassionate and “good” part about him. As for Fassbender, they added the dimension of him which still has that “good” part still left in him. Or pretty much that’s how they would want the viewers to think. In the end, Fassbender’s Magneto made the full transition to Ian McKellen’s Magneto. Thanks to Mystique or rather Raven and Charles for saving the day.

10. Linking real life history to X-Men timeline: They did this since X-Men First Class with the US and Soviet Cold War. And they did it again with this film, end of Vietnam War timeline from 70s, JFK Assasination and Ancient Egypt (post credit scene). Linking these things which happened in the past which the X-Men timeline is really cool, they are making the X-Men timeline look as if it happened in the real life.

What I disliked about the movie:

1. Sentinels. Not that I hate these guys, these guys are badass but aesthetically they don’t look like the sentinels from the comics. Though I understand that in this film, they are more powerful and Mystique-like I still would love to see them pattern off their appearance to the comic book / TV animated series Sentinels.
Look at how bad-ass these Sentinels looked compared to the movie version.–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTYzMA–/

2. Emma Frost is dead! I repeat Emma Frost is dead. I understand that they have to kill of some of the mutants from First Class film but why include Emma? She has a very interesting timeline. She and Cyclops would have their moments in the comics. But since they killed her off, we won’t be seeing her again in the big screen. At least for now, but who knows they might resurrect her character again in the movies in the future.

3. Screen time for new mutants (future timeline): Blink, Warpath, Bishop, Sunspot. It was cool to see these mutants show off their powers and deal with the Sentinels. Unfortunately, they can only do so well on standing toe to toe with these giant robots as the future sentinels are almost invulnerable. I would have loved to see more of them fighting and displaying their powers.

4. Rogue (Anna Paquin’s character): During the earlier parts of filming, they confirmed that Paquin will reprise her role and will be in the film. However, for some reason those parts which they filmed with her did not appear on screen. And we just settled on seeing cameo of her. How did that come to pass? She was even part of the promotional posters! I learned though that her deleted scenes would be part of the Bonus DVD feature instead, what a rip-off.

Easter Eggs (the ones which I found)

1. The Maximoff Family aka Magento’s family. Quicksilver, the fast mutant in the film, is actually Magneto’s son. You may recall him dropping the “my mother knows someone who has that kind of power” to Magneto. Yup that’s correct. Quicksilver and her twin Scarlett Witch is both Magneto’s own kin. Too bad, we did not see Scarlet Witch in this film. And no that young lady in the picture below is not Scarlet Witch as they confirmed but just Peter’s lil sister.×200.jpg

2. X-Men First Class Props: When Magneto stole his headdress back, we saw the old uniform of Havok, the coin which Erik used to kill Shaw and a severed Wing from Angel. Sweet, except for Angel’s wing.×457.jpeg

3. En Sabah Nur a.k.a. Apoclaypse. In case you are wondering who is that powerful mutant building the Pyramids in the end credit scene using his powers, then let me tell you this. It is Apocalypse, notice how he looks so pale and has blue lips, if that was not enough clue, notice the silhouette of four horsemen. Yup that’s War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. In case, you didn’t know he is the first mutant and one of the most powerful foes of the X-Men. Singer has confirmed that X-Men: Rise of Apocalypse will be released in 2016. And I have a good feeling this ain’t the last of the X-Men movies, which we will see.

If you want to see the other Easter eggs, you may click the link below. I just included the ones which I catch.

Enjoy! Peace and I’m out. Next stop “Guardians of The Galaxy”

Godzilla Trailer (2014)

Anyone would absolutely be excited to watch this Godzilla remake after seeing this trailer. It comes out on Summer of 2014 and will surely be one of the movies that I will watch on the big screen.

Though I did not quite get the sense of men having to be air dropped / jump out of the plane and then went straight to the mother of all Kaijus, Godzilla. This looks cool, I do hope it is better than the 1st Godzilla. I still remember watching that over and over in a VHS! Ugh, feeling really old right now.

Anyway, I still feel that the movie is still gonna be like the first one. Where Godzilla is a monster who wrecks havoc in a city. Unlike the Japanese Godzilla where he helps save people by killing other big monsters too. But who knows? Future trailers may answer my questions.

I do admit, a Pacific Rim crossover came to my mind when I watched this. Anyway, we all just have to wait for the next trailer and see if this is really the next big monster (literally) blockbuster movie. I’m out. Peace out!

The Wolverine Short Review

The Wolverine Short Review

Way better than X-Men Origins story of him, or perhaps more interesting. I like the way that they portrayed Wolverine’s story in a darker way. After all, immortality is a curse, especially that everyone you love dies. The torment too that he has to live by that he killed Jean, considering he i immortal, so he has to live by that forever. The storyline was good and of course, no one would go wrong in Japan as setting. Ninjas, Katana, Arrows and shit, man those things are sure fire good action scenes. Xmen Days of Future Past connecting credits makes the audience crave for it. After all, seeing all the original crew is just ecstatic! Can’t wait to see that film.

Rating: 4 of 5

I do hope he gets his adamantium claws back!

47 Ronin Official Trailer

Finally, another one of the December films which I am looking forward to see. Well more than that, Keanu Reeves is back. I’m glad to see him back as it has been a long time since he starred in a high budget blockbuster film. Oh and not to mention Hiroyuki Sanada (One of the Samurais in “The Last Samurai” ) and Rinko Kikuchi (The female pilot of the Jaeger Gipsy Danger in “Pacific Rim”) are both part of the cast too.

Well basically the movie is an adaptation from a real life event/happening of the 47 Ronin in Japan during the18th century. The plot of the movie goes on something like this:

“From ancient Japan’s most enduring tale, the epic 3D fantasy-adventure 47 Ronin is born. Keanu Reeves leads the cast as Kai, an outcast who joins Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada), the leader of the 47 Ronin. Together they seek vengeance upon the treacherous overlord who killed their master and banished their kind. To restore honor to their homeland, the warriors embark upon a quest that challenges them with a series of trials that would destroy ordinary warriors.”

Well based on the other blogs that I read, they said that though the movie adopted the main plot points of the 47 ronin, they made it more of a fantasy film, which can obviously seen by viewing the trailer. Some are already criticizing the film for adding fantasy in it and not preserving the accuracy based on the real story. They may have a good point at that, but then again it’s an adaptation so fuck you critics, the movie makers will do as they like. As for me I will take this film for what it is and will only make my ratings after I watch it.

Hopefully this will be a great watch and will not disappoint.