Stay – Rihanna (Cover by a Soldier)

I first saw this video in a Facebook page. The title says, Insane voice singing Stay by Rihanna. I actually was not familiar with the song, but I still pressed play as the post said that he has an insane voice. Usually some pages/post exaggerate when they say something like that. But they were right this time. Dude’s got great voice, I immediately liked the song eventhough it is the first time I heard it. This soldier has some great pipes, oh and did I mention, he was sitting down during the whole song. Anyway here’s the link. Check it out.

Peace, I’m out!


Passenger – Let Her Go

I first heard this song while watching Budweiser’s “Superbowl” Commercial. It was actually a well done TVC and I actually liked the song. The singer’s voice is very distinct and unique. I said to myself that I should download that song and add it in my iPod.

But I have already forgotten about it, and was only able to remember it when I heard this song from a friend’s playlist. I was able to ask what’s the title of the song and who is the artist behind that awesome voice. I was surprised that this was already a 2 year song having been released last 2012. I thought it was something new. Oh well, I am not really updated on new songs, except for the ones which I can hear from my sister and friends playlist.

The song is really good and catchy, I only need to hear it once to love it. The lyrics are simple, yet powerful. Anyway, if you wanna hear him then go and click play. And also, for those of y’all who wanna see the Bud commercial here is the link:

Enjoy! Peace, I’m out!

Ænema – Drum Cover by Meytal Cohen

I always find it impressive whenever someone can cover Danny Carey’s drums on whatever Tool song. But I am more surprised since the one who did a cover is a girl. Or maybe I should no longer be surprised at all, since this is Meytal who is covering Danny’s drums. After all, she is known to cover metal songs from Pantera, Metallica, Disturbed, Slipknot, Tool and A Perfect Circle.

Nonetheless here is her excellent take 2 cover on Tool’s Ænema. The cover was perfectly done, the helicopter like sound of the double bass on the quasi adlib part was just done great.

Enjoy and Rock on!


One of the most popular break-up songs from the 90’s is Sukiyaki, which was sung by 4PM. The song is  filled with emotions, from a lover who contemplates about losing the love of his life and how he wants her back.

Almost anyone who had a failed relationship and experienced a break-up can  relate on this song. I personally love this song. And for some reasons even though I have lost the love of my life several years back, somehow, there is still a part of me that misses her and wants to have her back. My most favorite lines in the song is this:

“If only you were here
You wash away my tears
The sun would shine
And once again you’ll be me mine, oh, mine”

This just makes me reminisce of all the good memories which we shared. It makes me feel melancholic and nostalgic. Just a bitter-sweet memory, makes you smile and just look back. But just like in the end of the song, I have to face the reality that she is gone and that she will never come back.

“But in reality
You and I will never be
‘Cause you took your love away from me”

I have also learned that the song was originally sung by a Japanese artist, which explains the Japanese title. It was originally performed by Kyu Sakamoto. What is interesting about this single is that, it is the only song entirely in Japanese, which topped the US Billboard for three weeks on 1963.

One by Metallica (Meytal Cohen’s Drum Cover)

One is actually one of my all time favorite tracks by Metallica. I just love the aggressiveness of  this song. The combination of the nice riffs by James plus the amazing solo of Kirk and Lars double peds is just too damn good, eargasmic! This song really defies the old school thrash metal genre! Plus Metallica is one of the best metal bands of all time.

Meytal Cohen, one of the best drummer girl I have ever seen, made a cover for this song.


She is just an amazing drummer, in my opinion. She has a lot of passion and skill, which can be seen in her videos. Plus she is a gorgeous rocker type chick! Just amazingly hot!  You can click the link of her Drum Cover after the cut!

You might as well subscribe in her channel as she really has lots of amazing drum covers! Her channel is good, and she releases a new video every Saturday. Aside from the drum covers, she also has drum tutorial/tips. Those videos can really help amateur drummers. So what are you waiting for? Just sit back relax, watch the video and enjoy the awesomeness! Had spent tons of hours just watching her covers!