Iron Man Windows Desktop Theme

Iron Man Windows Desktop Theme

One day I was surfing the net when I saw this very cool windows 7 desktop theme. It was Iron Man inspired, and it look so damn advanced and futuristic. A pure eye candy. So being envious of it, I took no time and researched on how I can transform my own laptop into having that awesome theme. That’s the time when I learned about Rainmeter, a program which is used to personalize desktop themes.

I ended up browsing a link which has a step by step instructions on how you can do it in your own laptop/desktop.

Installing Rainmeter, downloading and setting the Iron Man wallpaper was quite easy. Although, it took me quite a while on configuring the launchers. Though, I can say that the instructions in the link was detailed enough. Enough for everyone to be able to customize their own theme instantly. This is actually the feature that I liked about the personalized theme. Aside from the fact that it look so damn good, the functions of the launchers are really impressive. You can pick and choose any of your favorite applications/program/games and put it into the quick button launchers. You have two set of launchers for that, which is located in the left side and upper portion of the theme. It also has a programmable quick buttons for documents, folders and websites as seen in the launchers in Iron Man’s arc reactor. It also features a display of RAM usage in the left, a quick launch app for your music player (upper right), volume adjustment, shutdown, restart, log off and recycle bin function in the lower right.

So there you have it! My own personalized Iron Man Desktop Theme.