Godzilla Trailer (2014)

Anyone would absolutely be excited to watch this Godzilla remake after seeing this trailer. It comes out on Summer of 2014 and will surely be one of the movies that I will watch on the big screen.

Though I did not quite get the sense of men having to be air dropped / jump out of the plane and then went straight to the mother of all Kaijus, Godzilla. This looks cool, I do hope it is better than the 1st Godzilla. I still remember watching that over and over in a VHS! Ugh, feeling really old right now.

Anyway, I still feel that the movie is still gonna be like the first one. Where Godzilla is a monster who wrecks havoc in a city. Unlike the Japanese Godzilla where he helps save people by killing other big monsters too. But who knows? Future trailers may answer my questions.

I do admit, a Pacific Rim crossover came to my mind when I watched this. Anyway, we all just have to wait for the next trailer and see if this is really the next big monster (literally) blockbuster movie. I’m out. Peace out!


The Wolverine Short Review

The Wolverine Short Review

Way better than X-Men Origins story of him, or perhaps more interesting. I like the way that they portrayed Wolverine’s story in a darker way. After all, immortality is a curse, especially that everyone you love dies. The torment too that he has to live by that he killed Jean, considering he i immortal, so he has to live by that forever. The storyline was good and of course, no one would go wrong in Japan as setting. Ninjas, Katana, Arrows and shit, man those things are sure fire good action scenes. Xmen Days of Future Past connecting credits makes the audience crave for it. After all, seeing all the original crew is just ecstatic! Can’t wait to see that film.

Rating: 4 of 5

I do hope he gets his adamantium claws back!

100-km Chinese traffic jam enters Day 9

And I was complaining traffic in my motherland, Philippines.


[Image: w-china-traffic-cp-rtr2hfva.jpg]



Yes this story is from 2010, but we found it very interesting and posted it in 2013 (BTW sorry, it is a true story). Many enjoy this story…….Enjoy the jam….   🙂      .TIP

A nine-day traffic jam in China is now more than 100 kilometres long and could last for weeks, state media reported Monday.

Thousands of trucks en route to Beijing from Huai’an in the southeast have been backed up since Aug. 14, making the National Expressway 100 impassable, Xinhua News reported.

A spokesman for the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau reportedly told China’s Global Times newspaper that the backup was due to “insufficient traffic capacity … caused by maintenance construction.”

The construction is scheduled to last until Sept. 13.

Stranded drivers appear to have few options when it comes to dealing with the jam.

At least some drivers have complained that roadside vendors have increased their prices to take advantage…

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47 Ronin Official Trailer

Finally, another one of the December films which I am looking forward to see. Well more than that, Keanu Reeves is back. I’m glad to see him back as it has been a long time since he starred in a high budget blockbuster film. Oh and not to mention Hiroyuki Sanada (One of the Samurais in “The Last Samurai” ) and Rinko Kikuchi (The female pilot of the Jaeger Gipsy Danger in “Pacific Rim”) are both part of the cast too.

Well basically the movie is an adaptation from a real life event/happening of the 47 Ronin in Japan during the18th century. The plot of the movie goes on something like this:

“From ancient Japan’s most enduring tale, the epic 3D fantasy-adventure 47 Ronin is born. Keanu Reeves leads the cast as Kai, an outcast who joins Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada), the leader of the 47 Ronin. Together they seek vengeance upon the treacherous overlord who killed their master and banished their kind. To restore honor to their homeland, the warriors embark upon a quest that challenges them with a series of trials that would destroy ordinary warriors.”

Well based on the other blogs that I read, they said that though the movie adopted the main plot points of the 47 ronin, they made it more of a fantasy film, which can obviously seen by viewing the trailer. Some are already criticizing the film for adding fantasy in it and not preserving the accuracy based on the real story. They may have a good point at that, but then again it’s an adaptation so fuck you critics, the movie makers will do as they like. As for me I will take this film for what it is and will only make my ratings after I watch it.

Hopefully this will be a great watch and will not disappoint.

Silver Linings Playbook – Review

This has got to be one of the best, if not the best, romantic comedy-drama films out there. I got to give props for Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper for their acting. Man, Bradley Cooper nailed it. At first, I find it hard to imagine him doing such role  after seeing him in “The Hangover”, but boy he did show he can act. Same for Jennifer Lawrence, this gave her a really good break, acting wise. The Hunger Games was good for her, but this film, sky rocketed her career. Now I know why she won Best Actress. I think the movie wouldn’t be this successful if another actress played this role. She did it with perfection and she did it convincingly. Was I able to say that she is really hot too! This lady is really on fire. Also, I wasn’t expecting to see Chris Tucker in the cast. My first reaction on seeing him in a scene was, “what is he doing here?”.  Maybe I am  just not used to see him acting and not delivering comedic lines. Needless to say there was a point in the movie where he did his usual funny stuff. And I got to say that it was nice, it was not forced  and was just placed at the perfect time.

I was expecting more of the romantic-comedy early on the movie, but I was wrong.  Apparently, the first part was really serious, and it was effective, as it was able to tell  the audience why “Pat” ended up in his current situation. It also gave them a feel on how he is really in a messed up situation. The insertion of comedic scenes every once in a while was also brilliant. The movie was well done as there is no dull, boring or dragging moment. The mixture of romance, comedy and drama was perfect. Not too much of everything. Honestly, I was not expecting that this is a feel good movie, after going through halfway with the seriousness of the first half of the film. The climax was a mixture of everything. It makes the audience experience mixed emotions (nervous, sad, anxious and happy),starting from the time they arrived at the ball up to the scene where Pat chased Tiffany. Which is one of the best parts of the film, in my opinion. It was also nice seeing Pat get his happy ending and his life and his family back in order.

Moral of the film: Sometimes, you have to do crazy stuff for a person to realize how much you really love them. This also goes for “normal” people and not just for bipolar ones! One more, EXCELSIOR!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Man of Steel – The Best Trailer

Can you blame me for being too excited? Here in my country, this movie comes out in 4 days. Growing up as a kid, I was never a Superman / Man of Steel fan, but seeing all those trailers specially this one, man it’ll convert most non-fans into fans, myself included.

When I learned that this movie was going to be produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder, the very same man who directed Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, 300, and Sucker Punch, I knew the franchise is in good hands. DC made a good decision for choosing them on being part of this awesome film. Heck, i’ll be damn sure that I am going to get my money’s worth. Watch out, Marvel, I am sure this is going to kick Iron Man’s steel ass. For now, i’ll be watching this trailer for a hundred more times before I get to see it in the big screen. Til then, keep calm and wait for Man of Steel’s release!

Iron Man Windows Desktop Theme

Iron Man Windows Desktop Theme

One day I was surfing the net when I saw this very cool windows 7 desktop theme. It was Iron Man inspired, and it look so damn advanced and futuristic. A pure eye candy. So being envious of it, I took no time and researched on how I can transform my own laptop into having that awesome theme. That’s the time when I learned about Rainmeter, a program which is used to personalize desktop themes.

I ended up browsing a link which has a step by step instructions on how you can do it in your own laptop/desktop.


Installing Rainmeter, downloading and setting the Iron Man wallpaper was quite easy. Although, it took me quite a while on configuring the launchers. Though, I can say that the instructions in the link was detailed enough. Enough for everyone to be able to customize their own theme instantly. This is actually the feature that I liked about the personalized theme. Aside from the fact that it look so damn good, the functions of the launchers are really impressive. You can pick and choose any of your favorite applications/program/games and put it into the quick button launchers. You have two set of launchers for that, which is located in the left side and upper portion of the theme. It also has a programmable quick buttons for documents, folders and websites as seen in the launchers in Iron Man’s arc reactor. It also features a display of RAM usage in the left, a quick launch app for your music player (upper right), volume adjustment, shutdown, restart, log off and recycle bin function in the lower right.

So there you have it! My own personalized Iron Man Desktop Theme.